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f(x) Profile

Background Information

Origin: South Korea

Genres: Electro-pop, Pop, Rock

Years Active: 2009-present

Company: S.M. Entertainment

Associated acts: SM Town

Website: Click Here

Member Profile

Real name: Song Qian
Stage name: Victoria
Hangul: 빅토리아
Position: Leader, Vocalist. Main Dancer
Birthdate: 2 February 1987
Nationality: Chinese
Blood type: A
Height: 168cm
Ideal typeVictoria likes kind and healthy image Song Seung-heon portrays in his movies and dramas
Ancillary works:
SHINee's "Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)" MV
Super Junior-M's "U" MV
Kangta's "In My Heart Someday" MV
Trax's "Let You Go" MV  
Anycall 'Anydream' CF w/ Rain
Spris Model w/ Lee Junki
Smart Model w/ SHINee
Vogue Girl December 2008 Photoshoot w/ SHINee
Samsung LCD Mode
Kangta's Breaka Shaka MV 

amber 2
Real name: Amber Josephine Liu
Stage name: Amber
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthdate: 18 September 1992
Nationality: America + Chinese
Blood type: B
Height: 167cm
Ideal typeAmber likes humble guys
Ancillary works:
Sang "God of Study" OST (Spread it's Wings) with Krystal and Luna

Real name: Park Sun Young
Stage name: Luna
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthdate: 12 August 1993
Nationality: Korean
Blood type: A
Height: 162cm
Ideal typeLuna likes a pure guy that only likes her and is easy to connect with
Ancillary works:
Sang "Invincible Lee Pyung Kang" OST (Hard But Easy) with Krystal 
Sang "Please Marry Me" OST (Beautiful Day)
Sang "God of Study" OST (Spread it's Wings) with Krystal and Luna 
Sang "Cinderella's Sister" OST (Calling Out) with Krystal
Sang "President" OST (And I Love You) with Super Junior's Yesung
Played "Elle Woods" on Legally Blonde Musical
Played "April" (Violet Sanford) on Coyote Ugly Musical
Host of MTV Korea's The Show with Secret's Hyosung

Real name: Choi Jin Ri
Stage name: Sulli
Position:  Vocalist, Rapper, Image of the group
Birthdate: 29 Mac 1994
Nationality: Korean
Blood type: O
Height: 167cm
Ideal type Sulli likes styles like Hwang Jeong-min. Sulli wanted to try plays after watching Hwang Jeong-min
Ancillary works:
Maru Kids Model
SeoDongYo Sunhwa Princess (drama)
Love Needs A Miracle (drama)
Pepero CF
Vacation (drama)
Drama City (drama)
Punch Lady (movie)
Babo As Child HaJiwon (movie)
Dubbed the character "Shelly" from the 2010 movie "Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage"
2011 Welcome to the Show
Inkigayo's Host (2010-present)

Real name: Jung Soo Jung/ Krystal Jung
Stage name: Krystal
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Nationality: Korean
Birthdate: 24 October 1994
Blood type: A
Height: 165cm
Ideal type Krystal likes styles like talent Gong Yoo
Ancillary works:
Shinwa's "Wedding March" MV 
SHINee's "Juliette" MV
Rain's "Still Believe" MV
Alex's "Sweet Dreams" MV
Professor Yoon English Class CF
Yuhan Kimberly CF
SK, LG Telecom CF
OhDdooKi Curry CF
Lotte Chilsung Cider CF
Sang "God of Study" OST (Spread it's Wings) with Amber and Luna
Sang "Invincible Lee Pyung Kang" OST (Hard But Easy) with Luna
Sang "Cinderella's Sister" OST (Calling Out) with Luna
Sang "Sign" OST (Because of Me) 
2010 More Charming by the Day
2011 Casted on High Kick Season 3

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