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Teen Top Profile


Background Information
Origin: South Korea
Genre: Pop
Year active: 2010-present
Entertainmet: T.O.P Media
Associated acts: Shinhwa
Website: click here

Come Into The World
Supa Luv
Supa Luv Remix
No more perfume on you

Member Profile

Real name: Bang Min Soo
Hangul: 방민소
Stage name: C.A.P
Position: Leader, Main Rapper
Birthdate: 4 November 1992
Zodiac: Scorpio
Blood type: O
Height: 178cm
Weight: 61kg
Family: Father, Mother, 2 Sisters
Hobby: Design, Drawing, Exercising, Reading
Genre favourite music: Hip-Hop
Favourite Number: 7
Ideal type: "I like someone who’s charming, has their very own personality and also someone who likes rap."

Real name: Lee Chan Hee
Hangul: 이찬히
Stage name: Chunji
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthdate: 5 October 1993
Zodiac: Libra
Blood type: B
Height: 173cm
Weight: 53kg
Family: Father, Mother , Brother
Hobby: Playing basketball
Genre Favourite Music: Ballade
Favourite number: 7
Ideal type: "I like someone who has a long straight hair and double eyelid."

Real name: Lee Byung Hun
Hangul: 이븅헌
Stage name: L.Joe
Position: Lead Rapper
Birthdate: 23 November 1993
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood type: A
Height: 171cm
Weight: 59kg
Family: Father, Mother, Brother
Hobby: Act
Favourite Music: GD and TOP
Favourite number: 11
Ideal type: 

 "I like someone who’s cute and acts cute a lot."

Real name: Ahn Daniel
Hangul: 안다니엘
Stage name: Niel
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthdate: 16 Ogos 1994
Zodiac: Leo
Blood type: A
Height: 177cm
Weight: 54kg
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother, Youngest Brother
Hobby: Playing Football, Listening music, Singing
Genre Favourite Music: Fast Pace Song
Favourite number: 7
Ideal type: "I like someone who’s nice and good-tempered."

Real name: Yoo Chang Hyun
Hangul: 유창현
Stage name: Ricky
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: 27 February 1995
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: AB
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Family: Father, Mother
Hobby: Go to Cinema, Playing Piano
Genre Favourite Music: -
Favourite number: All number except 4
Ideal type: " i

 like someone who acts cute a lot and someone who will understands me."

Real name: Choi Jong Hyun
Hangul: 최종현
Stage name: Chang Jo
Position: Lead Dancer
Birthdate: 16 November 1995
Zodiac: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Height: 181cm
Weight: 58kg
Family: Father, Mother
Hobby: Listening Music
Genre Favourite Music: POP and Ballade
Favourite number: 11
Ideal type: "My ideal-type is someone who acts cute alot and cute in appearance. I also like someone who looks pretty when they smile."

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